Saturday, February 13, 2010


My sister and her family came to town for a quick weekend visit.  It was really quick, but we tried to pack in an much fun as we could.

Addie was determined to teach Truman how to crawl since her little sister Jean can crawl already.  I don't think Truman is interested in crawling yet.

Cute smiles!

Enoch enjoying a tea party with his sisters and grandma.

Truman thinks this toy is so funny.

My mom wanted a picture of all the grandkids {minus Ira} only Quinn is looking! 

Time for a crawling contest.
Jean won!
Truman went no where.

Addie and I went shopping and got Truman some new books.  She is a great reader and Truman loved getting read to.

Truman's new favorite funny toy - you turn it on and it dances and Truman cracks up laughing at it.

We had a great time!!