Monday, March 20, 2017

Truman's ski day.

Another week and another lost tooth for Truman!
Truman ditched school this morning to go skiing with Gregg.  While we was waiting for me to run the other kids to school he was out on the front driveway playing basketball with this little toy.
So funny.
My little skiers.
 Gregg texted me this pictures.
So cute.
 Gregg said Truman was trying to act like he was in-motion for these photos.
Love my little skier.
And, since this post is all about Truman I am going to include these cute papers he was brought home from school lately.
The one above,

"I love you mom.  You are really really nice.  You are smart and are good at math."

He thinks I am good at math because I told him I am :)
One day Truman was being such a punk to Bodie so I made him come in from playing and write the sentence, "I will not have a sassy attitude" 5 times.
Such an old school "punishment" but punches a big impart.
{I didn't ask him to draw a picture, he did that on his own}
Truman is always drawing pictures of the Star Wars At-At - I think they are so cute.
I love the BYU story.
Always BYU.

And finally, I have had this paper hanging up since January, I just love it.
"I have a dream to go to a Denver Broncos game."
Not sure what Doctor Martin Luther King would think of that dream, but hey - its perfect for a 7 year-old.
Love this boy-
Happy Day skiing with dad.