Sunday, March 5, 2017

Southern Utah recap.

Here are some photos from my iphone of our trip to St. George and a recap of the weekend.
I woke up Friday morning to this sign in my bathroom,
"Leave this morning"
The kids didn't want to go to school but I needed to clean and pack before we could leave!
 We celebrated Bodie's birthday a day early so Gregg could celebrate with us.
We went to St. George looking for warmer weather and we found it.
These blossoms were beautiful.
And 74 degrees feels amazing!
My kids think they belong to Nate and Lauren.
I drove an empty suburban around while everyone else crammed in the truck.
The little kids wanted to drive in the back of the truck.
 I think this is the only picture I go at Lauren's parents St. George house, we stayed there with Nate and Lauren and their family and McKay and Rachel.  It is the BEST house ever.
 Off to visit grandma and grandpa Arave.
Pete pretty much thinks Nate is his dad.
Such a cutie.
Norah and Hazel.
Train ride.
That smile.
We were the last train ride of the evening so we got an up close and personal look at the way the train runs.
Forget about their sisters ... Tagg and Pete wanted to ride in the stroller.
5 kids in the tub.
Aunt Lauren reading bed time stories.
Bodie, Tagg, Truman and Pete in bed watching a movie.
Breakfast at the bar.
I took Bodie to Wal-Mart on his birthday to pick out a special prize.
He took this picture if Pete and I having a lightsaber battle.
Bodie picked out two monster trucks and he couldn't be happier about it - good thing I let him pick because that isn't what I would have thought he would have wanted.
Sleeping on uncle McKay.
Norah's turn to sleep on McKay.
I introduced the boys to the wonderful world of soft serve ice cream.
Norah loved it.
For Bodie's birthday we all met at a favorite local Mexican restaurant for dinner.
My aunt Ilene and uncle Joel.
Grandpa and grandma Arave.
McKay and Rachel.
Tagg, Nate, Hazel and Lauren.
Mom and Dad.
And the kids table.
Truman, birthday boy Bodie, Quinn, Pete, Anna and Jean.
It was a big day and a late night for Norah so she slept during dinner.
The birthday boy ordered fries of course.
Norah woke up just in time for dessert - thanks mom.
On the way home from dinner we spotted the Oscar Mayer model.
What a fun surprise ... and ... we were surprised to find some of our Hopkinson cousins too.
{Pete, Quinn, Bodie, Truman, Anna and Jean}
There was also the most beautiful St. George sunset.
The kids were such good sports letting me take these fun photos.
{Anna, Truman, Bodie, Jean}
{Quinn, Pete, Anna, Truman, Bodie, Jean}
Pete and mom snuggles.
Saturday night as I was putting Pete down to bed I noticed him having some breathing problems.  I thought it was a mild food allergy so I treated as so and put Pete to bed.  I checked on him several times during the night and he seemed to be doing fine.  

Sunday morning within an hour of being up he really started to struggle to breath.  It was a little bit scary.  After calling around and finding out that only the ER was open on a Sunday morning my dad and I headed in to get Pete check out.
It turned out that he needed some breathing treatments and medications.  Within an hour he was doing so much better.  Still scary times.
I was very thankful my parents were there to help.  My dad went to the ER with me and my mom took the other kids to church.
The doctors in the ER assured me Pete would be find driving home so we hit the road as soon as we were discharged.  Gregg was already on his way down because we weren't sure what was going on with Pete.  He met us in Fillmore.
After a quick stop in Fillmore we split up the kids and finished the drive home.
Truman opted to stay with me and sit in the baby seat.
SO happy to be home and to be with dad again!!!
We celebrated with a big bath and popsicles.
On top of it all I burned my thumb really bad while pulling veggies out of the oven.
Happy 6th birthday Bodie!