Saturday, March 4, 2017

Snow Canyon.

Today we did a morning hike in Snow Canyon.
It wouldn't have been possible without the help of McKay and Rachel. 
{McKay and Pete.}
Look how adorable they are going to be as parents, naturals for sure.
{Tagg, Hazel, Nate, and pregnant Lauren}
Darling little "Hazel-nut" as my boys like to call her.
Pete is looking a wee-bit sleepy to me.
This little guy likes to hike by himself.
The two headed frog and a little lesson about anatomy :)
When Rach had the life of my child in her arms ... just kidding.  She was so worried about keep little Miss. Norah safe.
At the end of the hike we had a little lunch in the canyon.
Our kids adore uncle K-K.
Big guy climbing all over the rocks and sandy dirt by himself.
McRach as we affectionally call them.
Tagg, Nate, Lauren, baby boy Quinn #3 and Hazel.
Boys and dirt.
The kids really wanted a picture of the chipmunk they were feeding.
Nice Nate.
The big kids scaled this huge boulder.
The birthday boy was so excited to do a birthday hike.
Happy 6th Birthday Bodie.
By the time we got out of the canyon the little kids were exhausted, it was well after nap time.
Pete fell asleep on my back for part of the hike out and at this point i was trying to keep Norah awake.
Beautiful Snow Canyon.