Friday, March 31, 2017


March according to my phone.
Bodie's 6 year-old well child check up with Dr. Haderlie.
Our only real concern with Bodie is his lack of eat {besides chocolate milk and bacon} - so before his appointment I called and talked to the nurse and asked her to give Dr. Haderlie the heads up on my concern and that I waned HIM to bring it up with Bodie so I could just sit quietly and not be the parent "tattling".  I snapped the above picture right when Dr. Haderlie asked Bodie if I was a good cook, if he eats and what he likes to eat.  Bodie was SHOCKED to hear this coming from the doctor without me saying anything.  It packed more of punch coming from the doctor without any prompting from me :)

Checking Bodie and Pete's growth.
Cute little girl.
I love when I get Pete out of his bed and he is sitting waiting like this!
Lost tooth in his afternoon snack.
I had to dig through that half-chewed pretzel to find the missing tooth.
The things we do as mothers.
Poor Gregg got barfed on by Norah right after he got out of the shower.
We finished off basketball - it was so much fun.
Our first spring-time walk.
Hooray for better weather.
Hazel and Tagg came to music with us to try it out.
Batman Pete at music.
Lucky Aunt Millie - look who I got some snuggles from!
I surprised Gregg with a night in Park City - that was until we got a call from home that Norah had thrown up.  It was a nice couple of hours away from home.
Late night snuggles.
Here come my tulips - and some weeds.
Its finally warm enough to run outside.  I started doing some trail running with Tami - we didn't expect to run into snow!
Pete loves to paint.
I love when I get picture text like this!
Bodie and Gregg ski date.
Norah and her church boyfriend Blake.
Norah and Blake on a walk.
{I think Norah looks so cute in this picture}.
Late night teacher appreciation crafting.
Really late night at the school hanging up the poster so it was ready for the students and kids first thing Monday morning.
Pete loves shoes and he loves stealing someone else's every morning.
Pete loves painting so much that one morning I made him this house to paint.
Hours of fun.
I am working on perfecting my father-in-laws flank steak on the grill.
Norah loved the steak.
Nice hair.
Hazel and Grandpa.
I love Lego creations.
American flag.
My mom LOVES Gregg and he was happy to get dinner ... but what about me??
{She even brought it over for him}.
I clean out my church bag every Sunday night.
I spy someone in Pete's room ...
Bodie taking Norah on a little ride.
Bodie decided to sell his Pokemon cards and be done with the trend.
Norah taking a nap at Gregg's office while mom helps at the school.
Simons Cousins.
{Elliott, Bodie, Norah, Lincoln, Truman, Pete and Jonas}
Teacher appreciation lunches.
Two days - two lunches.
The cute kids at the bus stop always want to say hi to Pete and Norah.
Pete helping me with some spring gardening.
Putting down the weed preventer.
It's starting to look like spring!!!
My mom threw the cutest baby shower with a book theme.
Beautiful evening.
Bodie helping out by doing Norah's hair.
BYU kids concert.
This one was SO good.
Bodie being funny at BYU.
Bob's cousin.
Enrichment I am incharge of next month.
Norah in Pete's old PJ's
It's still a little chilly out side but we bundled up anyway and when on a ranger ride.
Our cousin Gwen was in town from Denver for a few days.
Soccer practice was canceled so we played in the park as a family instead.
This boy loves extra pickles on his hamburgers so he was stoked when he got a BOX of pickles when he asked for extras at Burger King.
Pete asks to see the baby horse everyday.
We also like to got see the baby ducks at my parents neighbors.
Caught a Simons boy caring my diaper bag!!!
WHY do I do this every month .. wait until the ironing his piled HIGH!
Parenting payoff moment.
And finally ... Pete's face painting.
Bring on April showers.