Friday, March 10, 2017

Truman's new smile.

Another lost tooth.
{top left in the picture}.
The tooth fairy had to lay down the law about how much she pays per tooth.
In other Truman news ... I left Truman the note on the left {in red} before leaving one night to go out with Gregg.  Truman was away at soccer practice when we left so I had given him specific instructions to come home, shower, eat a snack and get himself in bed.  When we got home I found the note on the right {in purple} on my pillow,

"I did it all.  I got my PJ's on and I ate my pasta and I did it all.  Love Truman"

Melt my heart!

I also love the picture above that I found in his journal,

"I love you mom.  You are really really nice.  You are smart and you are good at math."

The reason he thinks I am good at math is because I tell him that I am :)
And one last Truman writing that I love,

"I love football.   Bodie likes to play football with me.  Mom likes the color purple.  Norah likes to crawl.  Pete likes trucks.  Dad likes tennis.  We love each other.  By!!!