Thursday, March 9, 2017

Let's Play Music.

Pete and Norah are loving their semester of Sound Beginnings.  In the fall we were in White Horses and now we are in Silver Buttons.
I've always been a big Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings believer/fan but this year as I have watched Pete participate in Sound Beginnings I have been blown away at his development.  For 2 ears I have worked with speech, physical and occupational therapist in our home to help Pete progress and hit important developmental milestones.  In one semester of Sound Beginnings and with the special love and attention from Mrs. Emily, Pete has rapidly learned and mastered important age-appropriate milestones.  It's more than a music class; he is learning days of the week, shapes, a DO pentatonic scale and lets not forget our favorite Echo Eddie who 'just so happen's' to ask the kids to echo sounds that are specific to Pete's needs.

A heart felt "THANK YOU" to Mrs. Emily who is always willing to take this mom's late night phone calls asking if we can incorporate "t" and "p" sounds into Echo Eddies appearance the next day in class ... and you know what??  IT WORKED.  Pete copied Eddie and said those sounds for the first time ever.
We LOVE Mrs. Emily.
Bodie is in Yellow Arrows.
For the last four weeks he has worked really hard to learn all the names of the keys on the piano.
Today he earned a gold medal for all his hard work.
He was determined to learn all those keys on the piano to earn that gold medal.
Congratulations Bodie.