Tuesday, August 4, 2015


The boys just finished up a couple of weeks of summer tennis lessons.  Bodie wasn't technically old enough to start lessons but when the coach saw him play he invited Bodie to take lessons anyway.
There were a couple of really hot lessons at the beginning of the summer.
I think Bodie might actually have a little more talent when it comes to tennis than Truman :)
Truman liked to hit the ball "out of the park" like it was a baseball.
I love his concentration face.
And his backhand is so cute.
Once they hit all the balls they take a water break and then pick up all the balls.
The girls were so proud of their ball tower!  I must say the girls are much better and quicker at picking up the balls than my boys.
This day Truman and Bodie were the only boys in class.
One day I took my blanket and Pete and watched from outside the courts on the grass.
I think it would be fun to have a tennis player in the family since it was Gregg's sport.
Maybe one day one of the boys will be able to beat Gregg ... and maybe Uncle Brad.
The foot up at the end kills me.
The tennis coach {who is a pro} is awesome and he is so good with the kids.
At the end of lessons they play a little game where the coach hits them a ball and they have to hit it back - if they miss they have to drop their racquet and run around the court while dodging balls that the assistant coach is trying to hit them with.  The kids love it.

Drop your racquet and run!
That face ... its is such a Bodie face.
I love this little guy and I am so proud of him for working so hard even though he was 2+ years younger than anyone else.
It was a really fun summer session, can't wait until their next set of lessons.