Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dead Horse State Park.

Our last morning Luci and I sent the boys out on a bike ride to Dead Horse State Park Visitor Center while we cleaned and packed up.
It was a big ride and the little kids did such a great job.
There was a lot more lizard catching around the camp site.
Zander taught Truman all his catching tricks.
Truman caught this cute blue guy.
{I love the dirty finder nails, signs of a good weekend}.
Dead Horse Point.
Happy Pete.
Bodie taking a turn with the camera.
Another great Simons/ Robinson family vacation in the books.
Gregg, Camille, Truman, Bodie and Pete.
Kirk, Luci, Jorgan, Zander and Collin.
The kids.
Pete, Jorgan, Zander, Truman, Bodie and Collin.
A beautiful storm rolled in as we took off.