Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of First Grade: Truman

Today was the first day of first grade for Truman.
Truman was SO excited.
Our bus stop is the largest in the school and we love it that way.
And he is off.
I was SO worried about sending him all day.  When I did the math last night I realized he is with his teachers for more hours in a day then he is with me - I have to make every minute with me count!
Poor Bodie wishes it was him getting on that bus.
He was a supportive younger brother and rode his bike down to the bus to say good-bye to Truman.  Bodie will start school in two {LONG} weeks.
Bodie and I made after school cookies during the day.
I was so happy to see him when he got off the bus.
That is a long day.
I am very thankful he has such great friends, they ride the bus together, they are in class together and some of them see each other at church too.
I felt SO bad {mommy guilt} when I saw his lunch.  His new lunch box didn't come in the mail in time for the first day so I had to send his lunch in a paper sack.  Apparently the strawberries leaked out the bottom and he never opened the top.  I felt so bad he had gone all day without eating anything :(