Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Southern Utah.

Packed and ready for some fun ...
They were asleep before we left the driveway.

Today we headed out to Southern Utah to meet our friends the Robinson's for our annual end-of-summer campout.  This year I suggested we rent these yurts at Dead Horse Point State park
{It made "camping" that much easier!}
We were in charge of dinner tonight, man burger and hot dogs on the grill which has become a tradition for our first night together.  The kids had fun exploring our new surroundings.
Let me out!
Happy boy.
The only pictures of the inside of our yurt were taken on my iphone.
We had a queen bunk beds and a full futon plus we brought Pete's pack-n-play.
Bodie and Xander reunited again.
We each have three boys so between the two families we have lots of boy-intensive activities.
This was a little game of catch while the mom's got set up.
After dinner the boys headed off for their first bike ride.
The trails.
Krik, Jorgan and Xander
Gregg, Truman and Bodie
We were a little worried about Bodie biking the trails but it turned out he was the most daring of them all.  He LOVED riding the southern Utah trails.  He has only been riding a two wheeler for 3 months!
The sun set was so beautiful.
Checking out a lizard.
Gregg and Bodie went out on a later bike ride together.  Bodie is our little mountain biker.
Happy to be in nature.
The weather was perfect.
We had one minor incident right before bedtime when Xander fell off his bike and landed in a cactus.
Between our two first aid-kits we found enough supplies to get those stickers out.  Kirk and Lucy had duck-tape in their first aid-kit which worked perfect to pull some of those stickers out.  I will definitely be adding duck tape to our kit after this.  Genius.
All was well again by the time we went to bed.