Monday, August 3, 2015

Mt. Timpanogos

I have wanted to hike Timpanogos to the caves all summer, when I finally got online to get tickets it was sold out a week in advance.
I have lots of memories hiking Timp. with my cousins every summer.
The trail is pretty steep, the grey "cloud" at the top is the part of the hike you are in the cave.
Rocks, mostly granites that are found on the hike.
It was a very unusually cold and rainy August day - but we will take a drizzle any day over the heat.  It could be a miserable hike in the heat.
I had the hardest time figuring out how to get Pete comfortable in the carrier and hold the umbrella so we would both stay dry.
Gregg, Truman, Bodie, Ira, Ant, Eliot and Grandma Quinn.
Brothers and twinners.
Our best attempted at a family picture.
Ant's kids were not so sure about the caves in the beginning.
Cute little Eliot hiked the entire way with his shoes on the wrong feet.
Slightly blurry but I love how the boys are so interested in everything our guide was telling us.
Stalactites and stalagmites only caves have got them ...
{It's a Berenstain Bear song!}

My cute little hiker.
Finishing up our cave tour before he headed down the mt.
Trying to stay warm on top!  The clouds cleared just enough to see the valley.
Someone was not happy about this picture.
Ant's kids were not to happy about a picture either.
As soon as we got out of the cave and got Pete warmed up he fell asleep.  It was a very pleasant hike down snuggling him.
Getting a little lift from dad.
Along the trail.
Along the trail.
What a great hike and hopefully one my kids will remember with their cousins.
We stopped at the Purple Turtle on the way home for onion rings, burgers and shakes.