Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bodie's first talk in Primary.

Bodie gave his first talk in Primary today.  I snapped this picture of him working on his pictures this week.
His topic was,
"Miracles come to those who have faith"
I asked him what miracle from the scriptures he wanted to share and he told me, "when Jesus walked on water."  We talked about miracles in our own life and Bodie decided he wanted to share the miracle of Pete, when he was sick as a baby with RSV and Rhinos.
I know I am his mom and I am totally partial but when he got up there as a Sunbeam in front of all those primary kids and told his stories and then told the story of praying as a family for Pete, the spirit was so strong in the room.  There were several teary eyes.
Jesus on the far left walking on water {with some fish}.
He showed this picture of Pete in the hospital.
And this one of him and Pete.
And finally this one of Pete healthy.
I was really proud of him for standing up there all by himself and telling his stories and testimony without any help.