Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rockport Campout.

All summer we have been trying to plan a campout with our friends before school started and last night it finally happened.
We reserved the big group site at Rockport State park and invited some of our friends and neighbors.
Dinner over the fire!
Corn on the fire and a can of chili warming up {genius}
After dinner the dads took the kids down to the reservoir to play ... they came back looking like this :)
Even the dads came back a mess!
At least they had fun.
Before bed we set out the best looking dessert table I have ever seen on a campout.  One friend had purchased four pies from the local and infamous "June Pies" and they did not disappoint!
Pie and ice cream around the camp fire.
Pictured above is the s'mores pie.
How appropriate!
I must say we have the most generous friends.  Someone else brought glow-in-the-dark frisbee's for all the kids.
Beautiful morning.
Pete caged in.
Breakfast over the fire.  I was in charge of the pancakes.
There is something so magical about fire and smoke!
This is one of our little nursery girls, Harper.
A morning playing in the fire in PJ's
Pete and I hanging out.
Unfortunately I didn't get a group shot :(
I think a new tradition was born so I will get a group shot next year.