Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Y" Mountain

Tonight we hiked "Y" mountain with some friends, it was on our summer bucket list of things to do and we wanted to do it before it gets to hot.
{Whites, Fifes, Schanks, Simons}
This little guy was such a good hiker.
 My cousin Lindsey and her boys Crew and Sawyer are here visiting us for the week.
 The Whites.
{minus all their kids that were way ahead}
Tami with Laura's baby.  You look good with a baby Tami!!!
 He made it.
 The Fife's are HUGE Utah fans so we brought BYU gear for them to wear on top ... they wouldn't wear it but they did hold a BYU shirt for the picture.
 Friends, Gabrielle and Caroline.
 We made it!  All decked out in our BYU gear.

Pete was looking a little tired!
I took this picture with my phone from the top and posted it to social media - BYU picked up on it and later reposted it!  Does that mean I have officially been published?!?!
 This is how Sawyer felt about the hike!
{snack in hand}
 He wasn't about to smile for me.
 It was such a beautiful night.
What a view.
 We tired to time it just right to see the sun set from the top.  We ended up starting the hike down and then stopping to see the sunset from the trail.
 Linz and her boys were such good sports letting me practice some new techniques with my camera and the setting sun.
 My family left me in the dust on the way down - I kept stopping to take pictures.
 We saw a snake on the way down .. it was a fast little guy and I only got this blurry picture.
 oh, BYU.
 I never saw this kid the entire hike.  He was in the lead with all the big kids.
 Lindsey ended up carrying Sawyer most of the way up and down ... by the time we were done she was drenched in sweat.  Sawyer asked her to please stop sweating because it was making him uncomfortable.  Ha!
 This cutie completely surprised me on the hike.
And this guy slept the entire way down.
 We were so proud of all the kids we took them to the Creamery on 9th and snow shack across the street for treats!

What a great summer memory.