Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015.

Happy Father's Day to our dad!
We think he is the world's best.
These boys LOVE their dad.
Truman {age 6} has two new bottom teeth growing in right now - his first permanent teeth.
He is also healing from an awful sore on his lip that he got from a mistake the dentist made while filling a cavity... ouch!
Here is what Truman had to say about his dad.
The best part is "I love my dad because... he plays with me"
What a sweet memory that he knows his dad loves to play with him.
 Bodie {age 4} we love his goofy 4-year-old smile right now!
Here is what Bodie had to say about his dad ...
"He is ... 80 ... year old "

"He is as big as ... 1 baby whale."

I love that both boys said that they like to go the Curiosity Museum/Thanksgiving Point with dad.  It has been "their thing" the last year to go with dad on special dates - and Gregg has been such a trooper to take them by himself occasionally so I can "get something done" :)
Pete {16 months} just rolls with anything and everything.
Pete's look is seriously about to change, look at those top teeth coming in.
Pete and Truman are both teething right now, my oldest and my baby!
I love these four boys.
I snapped this picture of the boys singing in church although I am not sure how Truman was singing with his hands covering his mouth.
This was Gregg's pose for me after church.
Gregg's dad came over for some apple pie.  This was the pose I got when I asked if I could take a picture of them together.  I love Bob's smile in it.
These two are great friends - they are just missing Brad :(
I rushed to make apple pie for my dad, my father-in-law and Gregg before church.  I ran my dad's pie over to him because I knew he had a flight to catch ... but ... I missed him :(
Gregg always tells me my apple pie is still not as good as his mom's ... maybe some day.
And I wanted to share my two favorite out takes.  I love Bodie telling Pete "to look" in the first picture and the second picture Pete has the best frown ever!!!