Monday, June 22, 2015

T-Ball for Bodie.

 Bodie just finished summer T-ball.
 He is a really good little hitter he just hates running the bases which is funny because he is actually a really fast runner.  About halfway through the season he came into Gregg and I's bedroom late one night (we thought he had been asleep for hours) and told us "I don't think baseball is my sport."
We were totally surprised by this mature comment and of course respectful of his decision to not play baseball after this season.  We told Bodie that in our family we 'do hard things' and 'finish what we start' so he had to finish the T-ball season but that if he didn't want to play after that then he didn't have to.
This might have been our first and last T-ball season with him.
Some of his cute team.