Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Co-Ed Adult Softball.

Gregg and I have been playing on a co-ed softball team for the last few weeks.  It is made up mostly of couples from our neighborhood.
 We aren't the best team in the league but we have had so much fun as couples.  The games are late at night so we put the kids to bed - my father-in-law has been coming over to watch the sleeping kids, we usually have two games back to back.
 Our friend Todd is the best one on the team for sure ... he has been so patient teaching us each what we can work on to improve.
 My friend Natalie is a pro golfer {played for BYU in her glory days} and she has the most elegant, graceful swing that packs a punch!   People under estimate her when they see her but she always gets a good hit and makes it to base.
 I usually play catcher.
 I brought my nice camera to several of our games but the game move so quickly I never had a chance to use it - I tried to capture as much as I could on my iphone.
 We could always count on Gregg for a good solid hit.
 We had one semi-early game so we brought the kids to watch us play - they loved it.
 We have had the most beautiful spring and start to summer.
 Gregg is one of our pitchers - we make a good pitcher/catcher team.
 I was taking a picture of the setting sun while playing outfield ... good thing the ball didn't come my way.
 What a fun team!
Thanks friends.