Saturday, June 13, 2015

Schanks come to visit.

My cousin Lindsey came with her two boys from Fallon, Nevada to visit for the entire week.
We had so much fun together.
Picnic lunch on the front lawn.
We packed it all in!  Including running around town and collecting a few brag-tags. 
Here we are riding the carousel at the Zermatt.
We rode our bikes to the dairy for ice-cream.
Our dairy has the best ice cream around.
Bodie and I like the same flavor so we always share!
We LOVE having McKay home from his mission so he can hang with us!
Cute Linz.
Cutest little gang of boys I have ever seen - riding from the dairy to the pool.
We went to the pool everyday.
Pete had an allergic reaction to the sunscreen :(
I finally had an excuse to buy two June Pies!!!  One night for dinner we had the Shepherd's Pie, I thought it was so good!  Another night we had this Lemon sour cream for dessert and again I really loved it.
 While Schank's were here we also attended a safety fair where the kids got to go inside ambulances and air-med. 

We went to get the kids face's painted ... it turned out to be such a flop! 
Its a good thing we didn't wait in line for a long time or else we would have felt very jaded!  Check out what is suppose to be a soccer ball on Bodie and a basketball on Truman.  
All four boys did swim lessons during the week.  Because the boys are all at different levels Braden ended up doing four private lessons each day. 
 Crew jumping into the water by the end of the week was a HUGE accomplishment!
On Friday night we invited Lindsey's older brother Jake and his family up for a BBQ.  It was the most perfect day and then out of nowhere right when they got to our house there was a down pour of rain!  We all hung out under the back patio for the little black rain cloud to roll away.
It was some serious rain for about 15 minutes.
April and Jake.
Cute Dallin with his perfectly roasted hotdog.
The adults dinner! Yum-o
These kids are the cutest! Some cousins, some second cousins.
Pete, Sawyer, Crew, Truman, Dallin, Mackenzie, Alara.
Pete and his Oreo's.
Everyone loves s'mores, especially ones they have roasted themselves.
The kids had a blast playing and the adults had a great time talking.
 Never to old to play with cousins!
Linz, me and Pete, Jake.

Thank you Lindsey for making the long trek to Utah to visit us and create memories!