Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dinosaur Train.

The Heber train has been running a special Dinosaur train so we took advantage of their twilight ride that goes to Grandpa and Grandma Quinn's house and back.
This dinosaur was so realistic, Bodie didn't take his eyes off him once!
Ty, Bodie, Jake, Truman, Luke.
These boys love trains and dinosaurs, especially Luke.
It was a party of the train.  They had music playing through the speakers the entire ride.
The train turns around right by grandpa and grandma Quinn's house so they came out on their razor to see us (with Dallin and McKay).
It was such a beautiful night.
The kids each got a toy dinosaur.
The conductor invited them to the back of the train to look out the back of the train.  I think he knew we had some real train enthusiast in our group.
Blue popsicle face.
What a fun little adventure, they boys ate it all up.