Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Trot.

We started our Thanksgiving day with a traditional turkey trot.
Every year the Midway Turkey trot proceeds go to someone in our community in need.  This year they are going to a lady in our ward who is battling cancer who's daughter is in Gregg and I's Sunday school class. 
My race buddies.
Bodie had the hardest time trying to decided if we wanted to bike or ride.  I finally convinced him to ride. 
Truman was so excited to ride his bike in a race!
And Pete is happy with anything!
The best part was the hot chocolate about half way through the race.  Truman sat his bike down right in the middle of the race course and proceeded to drink his hot chocolate while everyone went around him.
Bodie wanted to "run" part of the race.
Somebody's getting tired!
Thank you grandpa for the ride
{at this point Bodie had spilled his water bottle in the jogger and gotten himself all wet and was pretty mad about it.  Grandpa carried him the last mile}.
These two have a bond for sure.
Hot chocolate mustache.
Truman and I raced to the finish and then cheered on my parents, Bodie and Pete.
This is how Pete looked at the finish!
Thank you grandpa Quinn.
We did it.
I was proud of Truman for riding his bike.
The crew.
Good memories, now lets go eat!!!