Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014.

Truman went straight from the Turkey trot to grandma's to help get Thanksgiving dinner ready.
His assignment was to do the olive and pickle platter.
{my mom texted me these picture}
I was assigned an appetizer.  Although it does not look very appetizing in the picture {yuck!} this is becoming a family tradition.  It's Brie en Croute and it is divine.
We are suppose to be in Denver for Thanksgiving but we didn't end up going.  The back up plan was to have homemade pizza's at our house {Gregg's request} but since he is sick in bed with strep we went to plan C.  We threw this Thanksgiving dinner together at my parents house.
Mom and Dad.
Shhh ... prayer time.
{I love Truman in the back sipping his hot cocoa}.
Brothers ... love.
and silly.
My brother Dallin set the table and he set me a purple place - so sweet of him!  It's my favorite color.
We had a great, supper relaxed Thanksgiving.
We have lots to be thankful for today and all year.