Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our harvest.

 This year was the first year in our marriage having a yard and garden.  Before we have always lived in an HOA that took care of our lawn.  We looked at it as a summer of learning!!
 My mom helped me plant these colorful flowers that lead from the back patio to the back yard.  They did amazing in this location.  
 These steps lead down to the outside fireplace.  We wanted different ground covers to grow in-between the rocks.  We were pleasantly surprised at how well it grew our first summer here.
 Some crook-neck squash that we planted around the fire place.
This area was originally slated to be an herb garden but there was SO much other work that needed to be done on the lawn and yard this year that I couldn't imagine trying to add an herb garden {this year anyway}.  The kids and I planted some pumpkin seeds one night for family night as a novelty.  We were beyond surprised when they actually grew!
 They LOVED this location and grew like crazy.  The kids have loved looking for the pumpkins growing all summer.
 An added bonus is that the vines are so pretty.
 This little apple tree was a twig that the nursery gave me last fall because it was good-for-nothing.  I had our landscaper plant it out in the back corner of our lot.  It went nuts there!  Although we won't have fruit for several years I am beyond happy with how well it did this summer.
 A couple of weeks ago my mom came over for FHE and helped us "harvest" our garden.
Having a yard added to the square footage of "house" I had to take care of and holy smokes it kind of kicked my trash!  I am kind of looking forward to winter when I only have to worry about taking care of the inside of the house!
 We harvested so many more pumpkins then we thought we had.  The kids were in heaven 'finding' the pumpkins amongst the vines.
 The rock wall is kind of bare without the vines now.
 Lots and lots of pumpkins.
 We also harvested the garden.
Thanks mom for the help!
We learned a lot this year about our lawn and yard and hopefully it will be even better next year.