Sunday, November 30, 2014


A few odds and ends from November ...
We voted on November 4th.
I thought it was interesting that everyone voting at our polling location was on average 20 years old then me.  I think it is sad that our generation doesn't vote.  
We introduced Pete to fries at McDonalds!  It's never to early to start a love affair with McDonald's fries!!!
Truman would LIVE down in Grandma Quinn's lego room if we let him.  He begs to go to grandma Quinn's and as soon as we get there we don't see him until it's time to go.  He is working on putting all her lego's back together.  Every once in a while he will call for grandma over the intercom to help him find a missing piece.
Bodie loves popcorn.  One day when we were at my parents house he came running into the kitchen, found this set stool and was snitching in the popcorn.
Pete can sit up well enough now to sit in the front of the cart!
Like I have said many times before - we have a slight lego obsession going on in our house.
I think Bodie is wishing for summer!  He takes lots of "baths" in our master bathroom tub.
I have been working with some clients here in Midway on a big remodel.
This light switch hanging from the ceiling gives all new meaning to 'hanging pendant lights'
Sometimes I make a decent dinner.
Our famous homemade Margarita Pizza.
Bodie is ready to ski!
We FINALLY got a dining room table!! Still don't have chairs!
It only took us a year of looking to find what we wanted - but the wait was well worth it.  We love it!  It is a solid piece of walnut with uneven edges.  Smooth table tops are not "in style" right now but I still wanted to find a smooth top so that if we are sitting at the table we can write and do crafts and not have a rough surface.  It was hard to find something that was smooth and didn't have any cracks or crevices.
It's beginning to look like Christmas!
My parents invited the kids over to help decorate their tree - it's magical!
Pete's new favorite chew toy.
This cute girl Anna from our Sunday school class rocks Pete to sleep every Sunday for us.
She is a champ!
Gregg took me to opening night of Mockingjay.  It was a fun date night with all the other middle school kids in the Heber Valley!
The night before Thanksgiving I put the kids to bed {Gregg was sick in bed with strep} and met Tiff in Park City for some Christmas shopping.  We had a BLAST shopping for our kids together.