Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Strep throat.

We were planning to go to Denver for Thanksgiving.  Gregg's younger sister Krista and her family live there and we were going to spend some time with them.  Last weekend the trip just wasn't coming together.  Gregg has some big real estate deals closing and he felt like he needed to be in town for them and the details of when to go and return from Denver just weren't coming together.  We both felt really awful when we had to call and tell the Faulkner's that we weren't coming for Thanksgiving.  Yesterday Gregg came home from work feeling sick.  I got him an appointment this morning for him to see Dr. Haderlie.  He tested positive for strep throat and was sent home with antibiotics and doctors ordered to stay quarantined {especially from baby Pete} for 36 hours.  Now we know why the trip to Denver just wasn't coming together.