Monday, November 3, 2014

Thankful Tree.

Truman came home from church yesterday with a note and assignment from his primary teachers to start a thankful tree for family night.  We usually do a thankful tree closer to Thanksgiving but I loved the idea of have it up all month.  
Here is our tree - Truman added the hole for the animals :)
We had Dallin and Becca and Becca's brother Daniel over for family night to work on our tree.
 "I am thankful for socks"
Becca is thankful for Chinese food.
 Bodie is thankful for himself!
 Truman is thankful for eye's {picture is of two eyes}
 Bodie's drawing of his bike.
Truman is thankful for BYU
 Grandma Quinn stopped by to see our progress.
We are inviting anyone who comes over to also add to our tree.

 Gregg added that Bodie and I are thankful for Candy!  True story!
And I wanted to document that Truman said he was thankful for me and Jesus!
 Pete is most thankful for his two fingers on his right hand!!
 We added a turkey to our tree that Truman made a school.