Saturday, November 15, 2014

Peter and the Wolf.

Today we met Hopkinson's at BYU for the kids concert series.
Today was "Peter and the Wolf"
I had the kids watch a sketch of Peter and the Wolf on Netflix so they would know the story and the animals that each instrument represents.
Pete and Quinn

The program had the cutest information inside for the kids.
All the kids loved it.  I was so happy when Truman would lean over and said, "I hear the wolf" or "It's the drums, the hunters"
Truman, Enoch, Quinn, Bodie
We also stopped by the MoA to see the current exhibit.
There was an awesome rainbow made from colored string that twisted and turned and made the coolest optical illusions.  Aaron and I were trying to figure it all out.
It is hard to tell in the pictures but each color is made by hundreds of strings in that color strung close together.
A trip to BYU never disappoints!