Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Gregg ... and the hospital.

{Birthday card from his parents with a picture of him and his cake on his 5th birthday}

Poor Gregg.

Today is his birthday and we didn't do a single things to celebrate, instead he dealt with a very pregnant and emotional wife.

Last night after rushing around all day, visiting a friend in Park City, doing laundry and dishes, and all the other things we do as mothers, I crawled into bed and started to read.  For the past few months the baby has gotten a bad case of the hiccups every night when I finally get into bed and relax.  He then usually proceeds to wiggle around for an hour or so until we both fall asleep.  And most recently he has started to wake up and wiggle even more when I get up during the night to use the bathroom.

Last night he never got the hiccups and he never wiggled around.  I laid in bed and tried to remember the last time I had felt him move, I couldn't remember.  I don't normally notice him move during the day, I think mostly because I am so preoccupied with a two-year old and four-year old and everything else happening in the day.

This morning I work up in a little bit of a panic.  I didn't know if I should be worried or not, or even how worried to be.  Towards the end of my pregnancies I tend to get a little more uptight, emotional, on edge, crazy!  As I got Truman ready for school Gregg was in the background trying to convince me to stop in at the doctors office and have them listen for a heart beat.  At this point I had tried moving, sitting, pocking, prodding and laying in ever position possible to irritate the little guy enough to make him move - nothing worked.

Right before I walked out the door with Truman I broke down and started to cry.  I was sure everything was okay, but I wanted to know for sure, and I wanted Gregg to be there with me {but for some dumb pregnancy reason I couldn't get the words out of my mouth to ask him to come with me}.  Once Gregg saw the tears he quickly announced, "You are going to the doctors, and I am taking you".

There was a heart beat and I breathed a sigh of relief but the baby was still not moving.  An ultra sound and calculation of the amniotic fluid determined that there was enough amniotic fluid, but still no movement.  I was admitted to the hospital for a fetal non stress test.  For some reason walking over to the hospital put me in tears again, when the nurse asked me my birthday I started to cry.  I think emotional I was not prepared for any of what was happening, even though it was all just routine stuff to check on the baby.

About 40 minutes into the non stress test the baby started to move.  The results came back perfectly normal and healthy.  Unfortunately my emotions didn't calm right back down to a 0, the rest of the day was way more emotional then I would have liked!  I felt so bad for 'ruining' Gregg's birthday and then I started to question how crazy I really was getting - because, after all everything checked out okay.
Happy Birthday to a very loving and patient husband and father.
We'll make it up to you.