Wednesday, February 12, 2014


There are ALOT of projects that still need to be done on the house/around the house, but honestly the larger my belly gets the more unmotivated I am.  Thank goodness 'nesting' is a real thing or else nothing would get done around here!  I decided I had to get the baking kitchen organized before the baby comes.  I think the reason I have been so unmotivated to work on it is because everything needs to go down low in the cupboards and it is so hard to bend down to organize them!
I brought up all the food and baking items from the storage room one night.
The next day I sat on the floor and organized.  It is still a work in progress - I am sure I will be moving things around for a while until I figure out exactly how I want everything organized.
This is the "canned vegetables/dinners" cupboard.  There is another full of small kitchen appliances and another with "canned fruit/baking" items.
All cleaned up - for now anyway!
I am still waiting for an upper set of cabinets that go along the back wall {above the sink}
The open shelves have snack foods and breakfast cereals for the kids.