Sunday, February 16, 2014

Baby Stuff.

We have been preparing for a baby around here.
This is the ONLY doll we have and the only reason we have it is because I wanted Truman to have a doll before we had Bodie so we could teach him about having a baby around the house.  Gregg wouldn't let me buy a doll so my mom bought it for Truman.
Truman named it "doll" - so creative.  He has been caring it around the last few days taking care of it.  He was really proud of himself for buckling them both into the car-chair the other day.
I don't normal take pregnancy picture of my belly, it's not my thing .. but with a certain brother on a mission who is missing out on this whole belly thing and a cousins who lives in Fallon, Nevada who will remain unnamed I have been sweet talked into taking a few belly pictures and sending them.  Someday I might actually like the fact that I have a few pregnancy pictures of me.  This is the beginning of 8 months pregnant.

{we had to have our master shower seat torn out and retiled ... how sad - you can see it in the reflection}.
 I get such bad heart burn when I am pregnant - it's not even really heart burn as much as it is anything I eat or drink feels like it just 'sits' in my chest and hurts, especially when I drink water at night.  This pregnancy I have craved Sprit.  I don't know why other then I feel like the Sprit and the fizz help my settle my stomach.  A friend mentioned that I should try DigestZen and Lemon on my chest - it totally helps!   
We got out all the new born baby boy stuff and washed it the other day - when I came upstairs I found these two dudes sucking on binkies.  I also washed and steam cleaned all THREE car chairs!
Another belly shot for Elder Quinn.  This was taken in January, one month left to go.
 Shoveling the driveway all winter has been my exercise {my only exercise if you can even call it that}.  I actually really don't mind getting up early and shoveling.
 Sometimes I get a little desperate to get things going {aka LABOR} - one day while leaving Provo my mom and I spotted this place, my mom pulled in and told me to order the spiciest thing I could find on the menu.  I did, and it did nothing for me.
Truman waddled into our bedroom one day and said "mom, this is how huge your belly it"
Thanks for being so honest about it Truman!
He's is right, I am huge and I can feel it.
These last few weeks I have been going to the chiropractor every week, it feels amazing.  I walk out of there feeling 10 pounds lighter because I am all aligned.
About one week to go in this picture.
Truman in the Moses basket - he was once too small for it, now that is hard to believe!