Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pregnant Friends.

One of my good friends who I really admire is also pregnant right now.  She has been trying for 6 years to have another baby and she is pregnant with TWINS!  And they are both boys!  We are due about a week apart and have been keeping close tabs on each other lately.  Every morning and every night we text each other - its nice to have someone else to talk to who is in my same mental and emotional state of mind right now! Very pregnant!
 She has three other kids and has been on bed rest since week 20.  Today while her kids were at school I stopped by our local Mexican restaurant, Tarahumara and picked up the spiciest thing on the menu for us to have for lunch.  We just might be trying to put ourselves into labor with spice food!
We had so much fun sitting in her master bedroom eating really good, really spicy Mexican food and talking babies.