Saturday, December 28, 2013

The kids table.

Over the holidays my brother Nate and his wife Lauren came to visit us one day.  I got a kick out of Nate and my dad sitting at 'the kids table' for lunch - well, I guess it is the only place to sit to eat beside the bar.  We are narrowing down a dining room table we like so in the mean time everyone uses the kids table.  Truman and Bodie love it.
I had fun sitting around all afternoon with Lauren discussing our upcoming deliveries, we are both having boys about a month apart.  I gave her all my best post birth/pregnancy tips and tricks!  
One last funny story while I am on the topic of food;

my parents stopped by one night recently on their way home from a trip.  I fed them dinner and as they were leaving my dad pulled out a $1 bill and left it on my countertop and said, "here's a tip"
Totally random!  Thanks dad.