Sunday, December 15, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday, and we had a fun night out at our friends Christmas party.  Today is Dallin's birthday and my parents 35th wedding anniversary so after church we had everyone over to celebrate.
 My boys gave me these awesome camo slippers for my birthday.

They went out shopping for me a few days ago - I told Gregg to let the boys pick out some slippers for me {since I was in need}.  Gregg said he picked out two pair and told the boys they could choose between the two - Truman said, "noway dad, I will pick out what mom will love" and then he found these camo slippers.  Gregg said he tried desperately to talk Truman out of them but there was no changing his mind.  I love them!  And how appropriate, the boys love to play "army guys" and now I can be a part of the army.
Birthday dinner
{still no dining room table so we have to all eat around the island}
We made a scandinavian dinner for Dallin to remind him of his mission.
My mom gave me this cute butter dish for by birthday along with a whole slew of great gadgets for my new kitchen - she is so good to me!
My mom's amazing homemade carrot cake for me - tradition.
"Knock your socks off cake" for Dallin.
Birthday banner Truman and Bodie made for Dallin.
{I couldn't find my birthday box of decorations so we quickly made our own}
My desperate attempted for a Sunday afternoon nap turned into this!
Thanks Bodie.