Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Simons Christmas Eve.

We had our traditional Christmas Eve celebration with the Simons family tonight.  Everyone is in town for the holiday ... and for the big move.  My in-laws are moving into their new house tomorrow so they recruited all the brother-in-laws to help with the move.
Traditional ham and cheese sandwiches with Chick-fil-A chicken.
 Prayer time.
{Presley, Bodie, Lincoln and Truman}
The great cousin gift exchange.
 This is all the kids opening their gifts from grandpa and grandma.
 Truman opening a gift from Stella with Lincoln watching.
A signed BYU volleyball.
Thank you Stella {and uncle Chris}
 Bodie got this nerf gun from baby Evelyn - she's only two days old and already knew the perfect gift for her cousin {!}

After the cousins exchanged gifts they were off to play with each other up stairs while the adults did a white elephant gift exchange.