Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Boys.

Every year at Christmas I try to do a photo of the boys together in their "Christmas outfits".  
Now that I have done it for a few years it is fun to go back and see how they have changed
{and to see their personalities at different ages}.

I can't help but think how much harder it is going to be to take these photos in the future with THREE boys.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

{click the year below to see previous photos}
I feel like in just the last few weeks they have really become friends and play buddies.  Not that they were not friend before but there was a lot more sibling rivalry, fighting, crying over the same toy, you know the typical brother stuff.  But recently they will go off for hours together and play and make believe and have all sorts of fun, making deals with each other and compromises.  And yes, there are still arguments and tears but something has changed lately and they have realized they can be best friends.  I feel like Truman can see Bodie as a friend and not always as the annoying little brother.
This is totally Bodie's personality right now,
complete with chewed up kix cereal in his mouth because that was what dad was throwing at them from behind me to get them to look at the camera!
Truman kept insisting that he had to hold his hands like this because that's what they do at school when they get their pictures taken :)
They were saying to me in this picture;
"look mom, we love each other"
"This is me mom"
This is my goofy Bodie right now, had to save these ones!
Merry Christmas 2013.