Thursday, December 26, 2013

Elder Quinn.

There are a lot of great things on the calendar this month - but one of the best and most anticipated was our google hangout with Elder Quinn yesterday.  This is the first missionary from our family that we were able to "see" on Christmas day and not just talk to.
About thirty minute before our scheduled hangout I started setting up my computer in the great room, making sure the connection was good, making sure everyone would be able to see the computer, etc.  I called by brother Anthony in Michigan to see if he wanted to do a quick hangout with me to see if I had everything set up correctly {I was kind of feeling the pressure to make sure everything was perfect because my parents, grandparents and Hopkinson's all came to our house for the hangout}.

I got side tracked for a few minutes by Gregg and the kids down in the basketball court.  When I ran back upstairs I heard this big booming voice in my house - it was McKay!!! He had log-on a little early as well to make sure his gmail account still worked, etc.  I couldn't see him on my computer but he could see me totally freaking out - and I was!
The boys got to talk to McKay for a minute while we were getting everyone connected.
Of course Truman had to show him his new volleyball!
It made for the best Christmas present ever to talk to him and see him!
 McKay got to see and meet his newest nephew, Nelson.
On Mother's Day when we chat next he will have two more nephews!
On the hangout we had;

Elder Quinn in Mexico City
Dallin & Becca in Georgia
Anthony, Sharon, Ira & Eliot in Michigan
Nathan & Lauren {and Carmen!} in Sandy, Utah
Grandpa & Grandma Arave, Mom & Dad, Hopkinon's, and Simon's in Midway, Utah

McKay is doing great.  He is still serving in the mission office as the financial secretary and learning SO much.

You can read his weekly updates on his blog HERE