Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quinn Christmas.

Last night we celebrated Christmas with the Quinn family.  It was the only night during the holiday season that everyone {who was going to be in town} was in town - well that is except my dad! 
We totally forgot to take into consideration my dad's work schedule.  We all know he flies home on Thursday nights - but it didn't even cross our mind and we planned this huge family party for Wednesday night.  We begged and pleated with him to come home early but he couldn't - so we decided to celebrate without him - sorry dad.

{Nate and Lauren flew in yesterday and Dallin and Becca fly out tomorrow so it really was the only night}
Nate and his amazing long hair {!?}
My brie appetizer.
Gregg getting in the Christmas spirit.
Baby Nelson.
The nieces and nephews love uncle Nate, he played cards with them forever.
{I do not know what is up with the awful color - wrong setting, and bad editing - sorry}
The Hopkinson's candy christmas tree.
We always do a Christmas program.  Lauren is always so gracious to bring her bells and lead us in a few Christmas songs.
The kids all share a talent - Truman played a song from music class on the auto harp.

So of course Bodie had to play one too!
He actually totally did it and we all sang along. Why didn't I take a video???
Jean also played a song from music class.
Addie played her new violin
And so did Becca.
Did you know we now have a professional violist in the family!! :)

And Lauren whipped out her accompaniment skills with out even practicing once
AND, we learned that back in Michigan our sister-in-law Sharon also plays violin.
Enoch played the piano with his mom
And of course the boys brought out their trumpets from high school and played a little impromptu Christmas song with some friendly brotherly competition.  It wasn't the same without McKay on the third trumpet. 

Then we attempted to sing Silent Night in spanish for McKay... it's a three part video, pure entertainment {especially if you actually know how to speak spanish}
It was a fun night, despite my lame picture taking.