Thursday, December 6, 2012

White Horses.

This fall Truman and Bodie were in a "Sound Beginnings" music class which is a division of "Let's Play Music" - this semester was called White Horses {I go with them}.  In the White Horses semester they learned how to tell time (o'clock hours only), major scale ascending, numbers 1-30, subdivision, sequencing, primary colors, conducting and body parts. 

The really fun part was that their cousins Jean and Anna took the same class in Herriman so whenever they got together the four of them would 'jam' to all the same songs!

Echo Edie is always a favorite - they learn in-tune singing through pitch matching and vocal play with this puppet.
Bodie loved the class almost more then Truman.  Bodie got to come to class as a 'younger sibling  but I think he learned just as much.  He can't quit count to 30 but he can count to 10 and knows his primary colors {at 20 months old}.
The bells are always a favorite - they learn scales, solfeg hand signs {which I still don't know}, low and high, up and down, colors, letters and they begin to develop relative pitch!

Bodies favorite song, The Color Song
Last week they were introduced to Symphony No. 9 Beethoven and given a straw to explore conducting.  Last Sunday when our substitue chorister in Sacrament Meeting used a conductors wand my boys that was pretty cool.  Now when this song comes on in the car they grab whatever they can and start conducting!  So cute.
 As you can see the boys adore Miss Emily.  
They also have a workbook they bring each week.  Occasionally they have an at home assignment.  I thought this page Truman colored of his bells turned out really cute.  He will play like it is real bells - can't wait until they do get their real bells!