Monday, December 3, 2012


We had a nice surprise from my family this weekend - Nathan and Lauren flew in from San Francisco and stayed with us so consequently Dallin came up from BYU and McKay ditched the parents in Park City to came and play!  We had a blast, good food, good talks and a slumber party under the Christmas Tree.
 Late Saturday night we somehow got started on arm wrestling wagers.  All the boys had to arm wrestle each other with both left and right hands.
 "did you see that"
Nate's only win for the night!
Little brother is winning ...
Gregg beats Nate.
hurt? what?
 Is that a cheaters move I see ...?
 Two hands and he still can't win ... sorry Nate.
 Next up were the sisters
{Laurens younger sister Shannon came up from BYU)
 Is that Nate yelling at his wife?
 Nate was promising Lauren all sorts of gifts if she could beat her sister - there was some serious wagering going on between Nate and Lauren ... 
 ... but in the end her little sister beat her.
And what is a weekend with family without some game playing?!
I tried a new strategy in Ticket to Ride Europe and beat everyone!
{even though Lauren tried to show this Instagram photo of my hand of cards to Nate ...}