Saturday, December 15, 2012

Birthday Celebrations.

 Tiffany planned a little celebration weekend for me and my brother Dallin.  Friday afternoon we all met at the Gardner Village Farm.  The kids liked looking at the animals and riding the horses.
 The cow I am named after (!) Millie

Bodie wanted nothing to do with the horses {check out his face} which was a little surprising.
 Next it was off to watch the glass blowing.  Addie and Quinn made there own flowers for their nana Hopkinson for Christmas.  I have seen glass blowing demonstrations in Venice Italy and in Bermuda ... always cool.  These guys were talented.
 This is the steam of Quinns flower being stretched out.
 It looks like the art of Dale Chihuly.  
At the glass factory you can also go and see the stain glass they are working on for temples.  Currently they are working on the Gilbert Arizona temple and ... oh, no ... I can't remember the other one.
{no pictures were aloud in that factory}
His obsession with tractors continues, ever since we went to the farm in Fallon this fall.
Truman + Jean
 Anna + Bodie
 Family hay ride - I love how the simplest things make the kids so happy.
Tiffany brought flavored marshmallows for a treat - she was seeing how many Turman could fit into his mouth at once.
 We got to have a man-date sleep over with Enoch at our house.  These two adore each other.
 We all met up at Hopkinsons for some pizza, salad and cake.
 That is 31 candles incase you were wondering!
 Addie and Quinn picked out this piece of cake for me - by the time they got 31 candles in it and all lit the cake was pretty much wax!
 I was craving birthday-cake-from-the-store ... so my dad stopped at Costco on his way down and bought me this - he said it was the last cake left!  Thank you dad!  I was so surprised when he walked in with it in hand - he even had them write Happy Birthday in my favorite color.
We were planning on putting the kids to bed at Hopkinsons and going out for the evening - but as the day went on I started to feel more and more sick.  By the time 5 o'clock rolled around this is what I looked like {thanks to my mom for snapping this with her iphone}.  Dallin {the birthday boy} and I fell asleep on Tiffanys sofa while everyone had cake and ice-cream.  I have such a worried look on my face - I really just didn't feel well.

When I got home my front porch was littered with gifts and goodies from my friends!
I have the best friends and family - thank you for all the birthday wishes!