Friday, December 28, 2012


Gregg had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy today.  He is constantly getting strep throat so it was time for those infected tonsils to come out!  Our family doctor, Dr. Haderlie took them out.
He was a little nervous about being put out - first time.  They let me stay with him until he was starting to doze off {he couldn't tell the nurse his name or birthday}.
Gregg hates needles and doctors offices and hospitals!
Oh, Gregg... sorry I kept this picture - it was to good to pass up.  They had just sat him up in bed post surgery when I took this ... ouch.
I really wanted to watch the surgery but of course they don't allow that, they did bring his tonsils out for me to see!
The left one was more infected then the right one and was a beast to get out {Dr. Haderlie said it pussed and broke into pieces when he clamped onto it to cut it out ... to much information??!??}.  Hopefully that is a good sign that he won't be getting as sick anymore.
Now if we can just survive the month long recovery.