Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Girls Night Out - Birthday Celebration.

Tonight some of my girlfriends and I went out to dessert to celebrate Laura's birthday {last month} and my birthday {in a couple of weeks}.  

It is always so rejuvenating and fun to have a girls night out {and we have had a bunch of them lately}!  I love these girls, and I love that we make time to leave the kids and husbands behind so we can just talk - we need it - and we need each other - and tonight was no different!

We met at Zoom in Park City and it did not disappoint.
I think we ended up ordering one of everything on the dessert menu.
{there was also a creme brûlée which I polished off - it was the best I have ever had hands own!}

Thank you friends!
{I told the girls we should start writing an official review of all the dessert menus in the area}