Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I love Christmas.
I love to get gifts for people.
Christmas morning did not disappoint.
A bucket of army men from Santa for Truman.
The Hopkinson kids all go hammocks for camping.
{remember this post about Santa's elf busy sewing}
Trumans gift from us.
I am not sure if dad was more excited or Truman?
My mom has been working on jean quilts for all my brothers.  She is always looking for jean for the quilt so my cousin and his wife wrapped up an old pair of jeans and gave her - it was great!
Looks like someone is building a house {!}
{We are not literally building it ourselves, but I think we are going to general it ourselves}
My grandma got these darling dish clothes from her oldest daughter that were hand made.
She said she is not going to use them because they are too pretty!
I didn't get any pictures of Bodie and his gifts.  Sad.  From Santa he got some army figurines and from us he got a remote control tractor.
From grandpa to grandma!
morning naps.
We got caught taking a morning nap {with the new Dr. Seuss quilts that grandma Quinn made for Truman and Bodie}.
Still sleeping.
Enoch got this homemade digger for his new sandbox he is getting this spring.
cars for Ira.
More jeans for my mom, she was thrilled!
{already cut to size for the quilts, that is one good sister ... Ilene}!

What a great morning.
After the gift giving we had a huge Christmas breakfast and then enjoyed new games, naps and new toys!