Sunday, December 9, 2012


 Our kids love nursery and I dare say we have the best nurseries in the church!  It is a completely structured environment that is the same week to week.  Puzzles, snacks, lesson {with coloring}, music {someone comes in a does this}, cookie Grandma {each month a new lady comes in and readys a story and gives a snack}, and free play {they always end blowing bubbles}.
Truman is in the older nursery with Brother and Sister Green and he adores them.  Every week during sacrament meeting he looks for them {and has even been known to go sit on their laps}.
Trumans paper looks like this after he brings it home and colors on it more.
 Bodie is in the younger nursery and he loves his leaders.  Today he fell asleep during sacrament meeting, when he woke up he was a power grump until he saw Sister Cowan in the hall, he reached out for her and off they went!
Bodies idea of coloring is taking a coloring crayon and stabbing the paper {see the markings on his paper?}!