Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walks, conference & student council posters.

 You've got to love good weather on Conference weekend and long "between session" walks!

Aaron, Tiff, Anna, Grandpa, Grandma, Jean, Bodie, Truman, Me, Quinn, Addie, Dallin, Enoch
{I am not sure where Gregg and McKay were for the photo ...
Nate and Lauren missed their flights so they didn't make it until later}
And what would a spring conference weekend be without me making some Park City High School Student Council posters?  I have made posters for four younger brothers and their various student council campaigns.  McKay kept reminding me this was the last time I would get to do this.  I don't know about that.  Addie was pretty interested in it all; it won't be long before she will be involved in stuff like this.
{pictures by Addie - she also likes to use my camera!}
This is only one of 32 posters we made.
{Just to give you a little perspective that sign is laying across a three car garage}
 I am pretty sure these kids were in the tub the entire time the guys were at priesthood session!
We had to keep adding warm water to the tub.
You can't really tell from these pictures but the bathroom was a mess!  They somehow managed to pull down the entire curtain rod.

AND most importantly we were all on standby {and still are} waiting for my brother Anthony in Connecticut to call and tell us they had their baby...!
We missed you Ant, Sharon, Ira and baby #2.