Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Menu.

 My first time cooking a ham!  Not that I can take any credit, it was already cooked, I just had to heat it up in the oven for several hours and then glaze it {again, the glaze was already made I just had to apply it}
Twice baked potatoes with potatoes straight from my grandpa Quinn in Idaho.
{they were amazing - sour cream, chives, real bacon bits, pepper jack cheese and cheddar on top}
 Strawberry fruit pizza made by Gregg.
{I don't recommend using fat free cream cheese}
 Tara brought her amazing cupcakes with even better frosting for Presley's birthday
I made lemon bunt cakes with lemon glaze for all the YW for Eater - there were left overs.  Yes, we technically had three desserts!  Plus all the candy from the Easter egg hunt.

{We also had salad and cinnamon pull-a-parts but I forgot to take pictures of them}.