Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Provo Canyon.

 Today for our staycation {instead of a vacation} Bodie, Truman and I met my younger brother Dallin at the bottom of Provo canyon for a walk.  We walked to Bridal Veil falls and then on to Vivian Park where we played and had a picnic - then back to our cars.  The weather was overcast but warm - I accidentally burned Bodies legs.
You can see part of the trail from the highway and I had always wanted to try it.  I mentioned it to Dallin earlier this week and he said he had wanted to do it also; he only has a few days left in Utah before he heads to Texas for a summer job.  We talked about making a summer bucket list of activities to do.  This would be one of them.  Done!
The high-light of driving Provo canyon for Truman is the big tunnel and the big waterfall so he was delighted when we talked up close to it.

After our walk we went to Dallin's apartment in Provo to change our close and clean up and the we did some shopping.