Thursday, April 19, 2012


Truman turned three today.  The day started with a candle in his breakfast.
 Cousins came to play {Presley and Stella came after school}.

 Party favors.
A new bike and helmet.
New family rule - wake up, put helmet on, wear helmet all day!
 Gift made and wrapped by Enoch.

 The cake!
I was happy with how it turned out - thanks to Tara for helping me make the frosting ... the good kind!
I thought an Angry Birds or Thomas the Train party would be really cute for Truman.  He was fixated on a volleyball party {!?}  Last week when we went to the party store he decided on a soccer ball party.

 Bodie made his way over to the kid table to try some cake.
 Giving rides on the new bike.

 Surprise guest, uncle McKay.
Gregg and my dad worked on a project most of the afternoon ... a post about that later {!}
 Bodie and Grandma Quinn.
Happy Third Birthday.