Saturday, September 17, 2011

johnny lingo.

 For mutual we have been working with the young men to make a picture movie of Johnny Lingo - but with a  western Midway touch.  Today the kids met to act out the movie while we took over 600 pictures of them.  The YM are making it into a picture slide show that will be a movie when we watch it.
 Johnny Lingo riding to town on his tractor.
Johnny telling Mahana's dad he will pay 8 cows for her.
Mahana you ugly!
 The girls gossiping about Mahana not being worth eight cows.
 Mahana and Johnny after the honeymoon - when everyone realizes how beautiful she really is.
Once the 'movie' slide show is done I will put it on YouTube and add the link.  I think its going to be really cute.