Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dirty Dash.

 I did the Dirty Dash at Soldier Hollow in Midway today.  It was a 10K (6.2 miles) mud run.  A couple of my girlfriends and I walk 6 miles on Saturday mornings up Snake Creek Canyon - we figured we should work toward something so we signed up for this race.  Did I mention that we walk on Saturday mornings, not run!  Yep, I don't think I have EVER run more then 3 miles at any given time..and...on top of that I don't think I have run since long before Bodie was even a thought.  So as you can tell I had trained really hard!  I actually surprised myself and did very well - and had tons of fun.

Pictured above: Chad Patterson and me {I look so clean...I wasn't - I was soaking wet and very muddy}.
His mom is one of my friends that I walk with - he was on our "Midway Mamas" team and smoked us all.  This picture is of us at the end - I came in a distend second!  {Chad has been doing races with me and his mom for several years now.  The first race he did with us I told him if he beat me I would buy him ice cream - I think he was 8 years old and he killed me - so now I just know he is going to be at the finish line cheering us on!}
 Me {#366} getting ready to jump into the freezing cold mud.
Becka and Dallin {my little bro}
Gregg, Truman, Bodie and my dad were our awesome support team.  I think there are more pictures on my dad's camera - I will post them along with the professional photos that were taken once I get them.
After the race I ran home, fed everyone, tried to clean off the mud and then rushed to Salt Lake where I met another friend for the Broadway production of Marry Poppins.  Loved it {now I am watching the movie}.

I am exhausted and not sure I am going to make it out of bed tomorrow...